Jessika & Asher ~ If she becomes pregnant, how many babies should they have together?


  • BESS FRYE - 8 years ago

    First time reader of reading one of thes books.

  • Nita - 9 years ago

    Ignore the STUPIDS , They are not worth the mental energy!

  • Gilda - 9 years ago

    I've just skimmed thru your newsletter and became enraged...So I backed away and answered this poll. How can you doubt yourself when you get such positive feedback from all of us?? Are all of these so called writers as prolific, popular, and highly regarded as you are?? I think sometimes, we look for direction in the wrong places. People use all the new buzz words, promise positive feedback, and deliver negative and hostile vibes . Don't let this shit get to you. You have a beautiful mind. Keep it that way.

  • Laurie - 9 years ago

    Love them and after what they went through and still are, they deserve to have the children they want.

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