• kanne - 8 years ago

    I think it's just sad that the little girl had to pay the price when it was the mother who didn't pay for the braids.
    I myself wouldve filed a complaint or pressed charges, and definitely wouldn't have let the lady leave her child alone while she ran errands.
    I can understand her situation though, I'd be real irritated if I left my kids to do a free nine hour job.

  • jay - 8 years ago

    The fact that so many people agree with this outlandish, unprofessional, and hateful response from this stylist goes to show how sad we are as people. No loss of money should allow you to take matters into your own hand and do something so unkind to a child who clearly isn't being cared for well. I understand you have to make money but this Is unacceptable on both her end and the trifling mother's.

  • Cynthia - 8 years ago

    For one the lady was wrong she should've never left her child there and did that anyways . It was unprofessional and that was a little girl I don't think that was wrong but she could've handle it in a better way I would've called the police and made an report and file charges but she was also stupid for letting her leave her child there she was not that child responsible her is people need to think before they do things lesson learn don't let anyone leave they child or have that parent to sit with the child .... I'm just saying I would've call the police and told the mother before it happen she need to come and get her child and pay before it will be wrote up as neglect cause that's what she did what kind of mother does that anyways

  • Gina Gene - 8 years ago

    It was an unprofessional move she made but its the principal of the matter.

  • charish - 8 years ago

    As a hairstylist, i do not think in anyway that was acceptable. going as far as turning around to cut her braids out. that's doing too much. she should have just let it be what it was. very unprofessional.

  • vanessa - 8 years ago

    Correction: she should have taken it as a loss and lesson learned. I really think that was very unprofessional of the stylist. People need to stop taking things out on a child because of parents stupidity.

  • vanessa - 8 years ago

    The gjrls hair was beautiful and the hairdresser was wrong for taking it out on the little girl and cutting her hair. She should have taken it as a loss and a learndd. She would have been blessed in another way.

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