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  • Carolyn Clarke - 3 years ago

    Yeah it's not that big of a deal...until it happens to your kid...

  • Tom Nataloni - 5 years ago

    Nor, do I care about your family.

  • Chrissy - 5 years ago

    That's interesting that you say that because the mother put in the comments of this article that you asked for 5th row seating and a public apology at graduation. That came from what I believe to be her facebook account (I'm not on facebook, but I believe that is where the comments are coming from on the side of the article). She also mentioned suing in two separate comments. I'm not taking that from the media, but directly from her. But whatever you say. I don't even care about your family. I hate that Cherry Hill East is being given a bad name as my kids will one day go there.

  • Tom Nataloni - 5 years ago

    Chrissy, once again. We have asked for nothing. We do not want better tickets, we don't want interruption. The media blew this completely out of proportion and you all fell for it. I want my child to have a smile on her face. Nothing bratty, nothing snobby. Think what you may, but none of it's true.

  • Chrissy - 5 years ago

    Tom, you've confirmed it by proving that you think your problems are more important than anyone else. Have you thought about how selfish it is to ask for a graduation for 400 students to be interrupted for this? And why should you receive better tickets to the graduation than other families? That's not fair to them. Cherry Hill is already thought to be a town of stuck-up snobs with bratty kids, and this just makes it seem true. That's a shame because it's actually a nice place to live.

  • Tom Nataloni - 5 years ago

    Bill, I'm not sure how i have confirmed the negative opinion of the surrounding communities on Cherry Hill....I have no demands....I just ask for an apology for my child. We have not received that. The story was misrepresented in the post and the patches, as my child is not asking for anything and as her parents, we just want her to be happy. The reprinting of the yearbooks would not come out of yours or my taxpayer dollars....they are being reprinted by the printing company. No lesson needs to be learned here as we are all well aware of mistakes and accidents....yes, they happen. But for the most part, we are also taught when those mistakes and accidents happen to you, an apology is warranted. By the way, digital history does go away, it won't follow her in the "perils of Google" as you say. And even if it did, I'm pretty sure that the only negative that comes out of it is all of the "negative" people, such as yourself and their unprovoked negative comments.

  • Bill Jacobson - 5 years ago

    Tom, you've confirmed the negative opinion the surrounding communities have of Cherry Hill by having unreasonable demands and proving the entitlement attitude many believe the residents here have. It's unfortunate she was left out of the yearbook but all you're doing is tarnishing the reputation of the school and the community. As a Cherry Hill tax payer I do not support reprinting year books as it is a completely unnecessary expense. The real lesson here is how to conduct yourself when mistakes are made and you do not receive the outcome you've hoped for. I would have taught my kids that mistakes and accidents happen and to move on and make the best of the situation. Crying afoul may get the outcome you want but the digital history of this will also now follow her in the perils of Google. Great photo-op though.

  • Tom Nataloni - 5 years ago

    I think it's hysterical that 39 people's opinions are that I am asking too much as a parent. You either don't have a child or have no heart. Ask me my opinion of are all out of your minds!

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