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Which Is the Best Alternative File Manager? (Poll Closed)

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  • gwenkillerby - 11 years ago

    Total Commander is the best there is, it's totally configurable, but you can take the defaults if you like that too.
    Of course, I've gotten so used to it, I can't really move to another filemanager.

    Best thing is: LIGHT!!! It used to fit on a floppy, and you can still get it like that
    2nd best thing: Free! Well, it's nagware, but I don't mind the extra click once every two days
    you can work around that with the PTFB application, or Push the Fucking Button.
    3rd: it's many, many functions: Search, filecompare, duplicate file finder, FTP, quick viewer (it's instantaneously, unlike the Windows one), multiple file renamer, and much more

    Only beef: Search has no "between yy MB and XX MB " just greater than xx MB , or smaller than xx MB

  • Mike Williams - 13 years ago


    I also went looking for an alternative Windows File Explorer to be crappy and went searching for a new file manager. I found FileQuest Gold from PiQuest software (
    FileQuest is great, it allows me to open multiple windows for copy and paste operations, and it also has a great personal folder feature, where I can define what sorts of file types I want to appear in each folder. I use this feature all of the time because I take lot's of pictures, and trying to keep them organized was a nightmare until now.
    In sum, FileQuest Gold is great, I am a loyal user, and I see that the company is still in the software business, having just released FileQuest 7 Gold.


  • Luiz Menezes - 13 years ago

    EF Commander is the best. Try it.

  • bongraster - 14 years ago

    nexus file !!!

  • juanchokun - 14 years ago

    Nexus File Rules!!!!

  • abid - 14 years ago

    XYplorer is not for those who want a program to do everything under the sun. Its aimed at making file management easy. I have been using it since long and it keeps getting better. Compared to other major file managers, XYplorer is quiet slick and fast and is continuously under development. Xyplorer is a true file management pro.

  • Timmy - 14 years ago

    I'm still using plain ole winfile.exe from NT4, W2K, XP. Too bad it doesn't run on Vista. The two-pane layout for copying files is still the reason I have it open 24/7 on my PC.

    I recently found SpeedCommander and I'm trying to make the switch. I still end up back using winfile.exe.

  • Steve Banham - 14 years ago

    Yet again we find Michael Kenward whinging and whining that the manual is too complicated for him. No mention, of course, about the significant amount of help he receives on the Opus forums - even with his continual complaints.

    It's just getting tedious now - he's either in the 'too stupid to understand simple concepts' camp or he's just angry because he put his money and effort into a file manager that even the author has dumped?

    Opus is a powerful tool, and with such power comes the obvious requirement of detailed preferences and customization tools. If GPSoftware were to include every tiny detail in the manual then it alone would take years of work and the results would be just as complicated for Michael as the current manual is.

    Far better is the current situation where the manual is fine for a lot of users, but a free online forum provides detailed help for anyone who asks.

    Time to find a new outlet for your anger Michael - this one's worn out.

  • Leo Davidson - 14 years ago

    People used Opus just fine before I had written my guide.

    The guide is more to tell people what Opus can do, not how to use Opus. It's a list of features and some examples but not really a step-by-step tutorial or how-to guide at all.

    I wrote the guide because it isn't easy to sum up what a program like Opus does in a simple sentence and people kept asking me what was so special about it.

  • Michael Kenward - 14 years ago

    Do not confuse DOpus with an ordinary file manager. It is almost an operating system, it can do so much. It bundles many of the utilities than appeal to the sort of people who seek alternative file managers.

    But that is where the trouble starts. It says something that a user, Leo (see earlier message), has to write an introductory guide. The manual is just too complicated. It takes too many steps to work out how to perform the simplest tasks.

    Sure, it works straight out of the box, but that does not justify the inflated price tag.

    Great for the person who likes to fiddle around, expensive for those who just want a file manager. The generous 60-day trial will let you find out which camp you inhabit.

  • JimW - 14 years ago


  • Lee - 14 years ago

    I use Xplorer2 and Total Commander a lot. XPlorer2 is best for finding files, comparing files, creating file lists to paste into docs and spreadsheets, shredding files, previewing files in their associated applications and finding out how much space files and directories are taking up on a drive. It's also good for adding prefixes and suffixes to groups of similar file names. Total Commander is good for renaming groups of files, ftp activities, comparing files with same names in identical tree structures at different places and copying missing files from one tree to another (called directory syncing).

  • logman - 14 years ago

    XYplorer has been built around portability. Read this:

  • ckit - 14 years ago

    xplorer2 pro, the future for file managers :)

  • Leo Davidson - 14 years ago

    If anyone wants to learn more about Opus, check out the two introductory guides I wrote:

    (I don't make any money from Opus being sold; I just love the program. :))

  • kilatkyut - 14 years ago

    Altap Salamander is one of the best...

  • vatroslavb - 14 years ago

    If you're into freeware, definitly worth checking is Unreal Commander:
    A lot of Total Commander functionality, totally free and much lighter.

  • mardigan71 - 14 years ago

    Altap Salamander

  • Pr0fess0rX - 14 years ago

    I think you forgot to add SpeedCommander, the best File Manager i've ever seen it is the best

  • JOHN THIRSK - 14 years ago

    NEXUSFILE V by a country mile

  • Stefan - 14 years ago


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