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Since the 2013 hours changes, are you spending more of your restarts at a home location or on the road? (Poll Closed)

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  • Kenneth Knight - 10 years ago

    I just couldn't see staying with the changes like they are. It is totally unsafe to mandate when a driver needs to stop and sleep. If you have a bad night and don't get a few hrs sleep you have to either drive 11 hrs with a 30 min (mandatory) break or be late or stop and run out of hrs. My biggest problem is the 14 hr no stopping the clock. As a driver of 40 plus yrs. to think that we all are machines is just absurd. FMCSA is full of paper pushng Idiots that have no concern for safety. I know when I need to stop for a nap not anyone else. Now the restart; that's a no brainier. There is no reason to not have a reset if you have your 34 hr break no matter when your last one was. As a road driver at times I would get to my delivery 24hrs a head of time and got to stay and get another 10-12 hrs to unload. Makes more since to get a reset than to go 48 hrs more hrs and have to take one. Just makes no sense at all. So I quit and I know of several others that have too.

  • Blaine - 10 years ago

    Being a trainer I am primarily a night time driver and getting time off only happens every 6 weeks with the large company, so restating only happens on those far spread home time stops. Otherwise I am forced to run off of my recap or rely on an inexperienced student to run bulk miles during daylight. Often resulting in the need to reschedule delivery. The new restart law severely hinders team operation. And by costumer demand that is where the industry seems to be going.

  • danhollis - 10 years ago

    When I can get time off. Every six to seven weeks I will take 4 to 5 days off.

  • Ted - 10 years ago

    The restart is costing me money it's taking about 50 + hr for the restart, And it's on the road.
    I think we should go back to the old HOS and pay us when we sit at a shipper or receiver. Then we can split drive time and take a break when we need it or want too.

  • George - 10 years ago

    on the road and at home

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