Should the hair dresser have cut off the girl's braids?


  • KJ Dolla - 9 years ago

    Yes she had every right to take them braids out her hair. Where the hairdresser messed up is putting it on social media.

  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    It would have been okay if she would have just stopped after the cutting but she had to post the little girl on the internet. So although I am 95% on her side, I have to give her a fail. The little girl already has to deal with her scumbag bag but the hairdresser had to put her on blast.

  • Tony "Doc" A. - 9 years ago

    Damn skippy she should have cut them out.

    My mom bakes cakes for the holidays, and there were some people that would eat half the damn cake and complain that it was too dry to get their money back or a free cake. Mind you, most of the time my mom or me would deliver them joints at no extra charge.

    People that say no should think what they would do if their employer didn't pay them for a period of work but were expected to work more the next period with no certainty that they will get their check.

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