Do you have a problem with Karlesha's photo?


  • Johanne - 10 years ago

    congratulation on you graduation even with a yougn child on your arm! That is amazing! Congratulation on giving her the best food possible. I am sad for anyone who think that this is a disgrace! IMO, it is a disgrace to stigmatize a women who takes care of her baby in the best possible way!! In what kind of society are we in when it is O,K for women to show of brest in culture media for sexual purpose but not when it comes to feeding a baby...which is btw the primary purpose of the breast! Frustrating non sense!

  • Niqi - 10 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this stunning photo,its breathtakingly beautiful.

  • billy massie - 10 years ago

    no I have no problem with her breast feeding her baby girl. I am sure she is a great mom with a glowing life ahead of her. she made me proud as a black man who will turn 53 lord willing on august 25th of this year. I had a SUPER MOTHER and we need more of them in this suspend quick----- sensless---firing ass backwords nation of young Asian and old white men bigots as know it all GMS , HERE IN THE NATIONS CAPITOL.

  • Luh Souza - 10 years ago

    Lindo, maravilhoso!
    Um dom que só AS MULHERES são capazes de ter. Quem é contra isso só pode ser uma pessoa doente da cabeça, extrume, gente de coração ruim! O amor entre uma mãe e um filho começa na amamentação, e quem é contra, provavelmente não foi amado pela sua propria. A foto é incrível e emocionante!

    Beautiful, wonderful!
    A gift that only women are able to have. Who is against it can only be a sick person's head, extrume, people from bad heart! The love between a mother and child begins in breastfeeding, and who is against it probably was not loved by his own. The picture is amazing and exciting!

  • Nehanda - 10 years ago

    When baby's get hungry feed them ,should not matter ,to each his own ,that's why god give us boobs ,my daughter always pulls the covers off every time I tied covering her so what are we suppose to do? Animals don't hide yo feed their babies so why should we ? As I said to each his own stop judging we are to bless to be stress

  • Brenda J Burch - 10 years ago

    Breast milk is the only milk a baby shall be drinking . That is a connection between Mother and Child a bond being birth with sharing feeling and attachment . Babies that drink breast milk never get sick..the mother that breast feed her baby knows what is going into the baby body. That can milk is full of chemical and you dpn't know what you putting into the baby mind and body .

  • Bashonna - 10 years ago

    Honey Congrats! People have their own opinion but you don't see them walking around eating with a hot blanket or cover up on their head. Nor do you see them sneaking to eat. Feed your child and carry on.

  • John Adewoye - 10 years ago

    Breast feeding a baby anywhere anytime should not be a thing of shame in a country where some women hold their breasts big or small, in the public with less than half teacup size of a bras in the name of fashion. I am proud of her. Her baby would read this In the Near future and learn how her mother loved and cared for her as a baby. Kudos to true mother who shared her milk with her flesh with a baby she gave flesh and blood to.

  • Nedrea Scott - 10 years ago

    Congratulations on your graduation. However, I truly believe that although there is nothing wrong with nursing a child and that it is as natural as sex between two consenting adults, the picture is not appropriate for a number of reasons. No one is attempting police you, but you should be a little classy and use a nursing cloth to cover your breast and not the baby's head while she eats. The picture was not only disturbing, but you apparently caused a distraction. That picture, although a nice one, was not appropriate for the www. It should have been scrap booked for the baby to see later in life and the picture should have been taken in private, not in public with your breast out.

  • Imani Walker - 10 years ago

    Congratulations Karlesha on graduating and being a fierce advocate for the well being of your daughter! The photo is so right for so many reasons. It symbolizes the education and achievement of the mother and her commitment to ensuring that her daughter has the best start in life experiencing love, healthy bonding & healthy development including superior brain function. I breastfed my four children and went through much effort at times to be sure to completely cover my breast while in public. 90% of the time no one even knew I was feeding them. There in lies the problem. I totally agree that breastfeeding needs to be normalized. If no-one ever sees it or knows that you are doing it, it will always be in the shadows. Covering up was appropriate for our generation, but we all know that the primary function of breast is to suckle our young. I can turn on the television or other visual media practically any time of day and see breasts exposed and most often sexualized, but folks have a problem seeing them when they are being used to nourish a baby. The health benefits for the child are too numerous to mention here but breast-milk is truly nature's superfood. Humanity in general and society's Health Care systems and Educational systems in particular are the beneficiaries.

  • Maxcine warren - 10 years ago

    Breast feed is a beautiful , but private act, she could have fed her baby in a way nobody would have known what she was doing, it's the 1st thing my mother taught me after I birthed my 1st child, I would be offended if I was forced to look at another woman's breast while out in public, Feed you baby, just cover up,

  • Tamia - 10 years ago

    I am currently nursing my 4th child. I've nursed all my children. When outdoors, I've always covered myself and my child with a blanket because other people's minds and even their eyes can be out of control. I don't want to draw too much attention to myself. If you see me, you have an idea of what's going on and please keep it moving!

  • Nicole - 10 years ago

    I don't think nothing is wrong with the picture at least she could have did was cover her up with something.

  • LaTanya Woods - 10 years ago

    Do your thing moma. Take care of your baby the way you feel is best. If it were a grown ass man breastfeeding from your breast, they'd be slapping high five talking about he getting it in even on graduation day. To hell with what people think.

  • Kimber - 10 years ago

    KUDOS,!! Your a single mom with a college degree,proudly taking care of your baby girl. Go Momma.

  • Gracie - 10 years ago

    The policing of women's bodies needs to go die in a fire.

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