How often do you use coupon codes when shopping online?


  • Mary Broekemeier - 12 years ago

    This comment probably has nothing to do with this survey site, but I need to let off some steam at Chico's. I understand that retailers are having a tough time, but there is a limit to how many skanky things they can do to frequent customers, using their shortcuts on the fabrics and quality control, putting polyester in most of their jeans and tees instead of the cotton we want, and now today they won't honor the terms of the only promo code I have. I am really sick of looking for alternate codes, only to find ADVERTISING, instead of useful checkout codes, on the sites that claim to offer coupon/promo codes. Chico's, and any other guilty retailer, who uses this new "customer behavior" science, or whatever the he!! it's called, on customers who are considered to be dumb little sheep, can call me a former customer. Yes, I do have the fortitude to not back down.

  • Dawna Glasser - 15 years ago

    Can you please send ne coupons throw the mail like you used to dont no how to buy anything on line just got computer an all i can do is look up things than call the stuff in dont even know how pay pal works I would greatly appreciate it

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