SPEAK UP: Is State Commissioner John King on the right path with Common Core? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Will tougher laws reduce heroin use? 7 YES, 56 NO

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  • patricia lalor - 6 years ago

    In my grandson's Wappingers central school the children have no books. I have never heard of such a thing

  • Irvin Miller - 6 years ago

    During his interview, King took no responsibility or acknowledgement for any mistakes made by the DOE. He look at everything through a self serving perspective. For example he stated that the graduation rates were higher, but more children had to take remedial courses which suggests that unqualified children were being allowed to graduate negating the integrity of the response. He soft shoed the answer on students having problem reading math problems. My own experience has been that many of the math problems were very subjective making it difficult even for an well educated person to interpret them. The cherry picked successes he claimed for Common Core were contrary to my own evaluations. His interview by a very sharp Pok Journ. staff indicated that King does not have a good grasp of the major problems and is only making insignificant progress towards a goal in which the goalposts are being moved further and further away.

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