Should We Allow Emails and Guests On #DemThrones Episodes any more?


  • KJ Dolla - 9 years ago

    I voted yes! I haven't watched one episode of GoT, but I like to hear the recap of what happened from you all's perspective. I look forward to hearing those episodes and I know a lot of other people do also. Just warn the guest and screen e-mails. If the guest doesn't follow the rules, don't have them back. Don't end the show over someone's foolishness tho.

    And Boo Radley (Interesting that you would use that name) either skip those episodes or fast forward until you don't hear them talking about GoT anymore. It is a FREE show.

  • Derrick Bates - 9 years ago

    I voted no, because there is always one idiot out there who will screw it up. There is always one dummy in the group. TRUST ME.

  • T.Dot Dave - 9 years ago

    Hello Rod & Karen, Loving the shows, i guess I missed the reason why Patrice is no longer available to discuss #DemThrones, Miss that Girl.
    I’ve been listening to DemThrones since you guys started and at the time I only saw maybe a few episodes of the first season, but I loved the way you guys reviewed the episodes, one of my favorites reviews is when you referred everyone names to being black names, Funny Suff.
    But I’m now up-to-date and it make the reviews that much fun and insightful, please keep DemThrones going and if your guests and listeners respect what it’s all about it all about the TV Show.

    And not to leave out the most ratchet member Justin glad to have you back…
    BTW where is Chill?

  • Boo Radley - 9 years ago

    Calm down bruh....

    And while you're at it, how about a timestamp for those of us who don't watch GoT & don't care to hear about it?

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