Who is the WTF 2014 Summer Stinker?


  • vickie - 10 years ago

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for making me feel better about myself and my body! Good LORD, these people make a boatload of money and they could have just about any procedure to make them look better (even though it usually looks fake!) And they still eff it up!!! There were so many bad ones it was hard to choose. This is proof positive that Holly Weird is full of aliens and none of us should ever worship celebrities or anyone who makes their living spouting words someone else has written for them. Hail to those creatives who can write their own blogs and say what they mean and mean what they say!
    You ROCK!

  • Sarah Denby - 10 years ago

    They are all so dreadful, but Bobby Norris did stick in my mind so I was hoping he'd be included...I think I'll look for a cocksock for my hubby, since his banana hammock is losing it's elasticity....

  • Bel - 10 years ago

    Such a difficult choice! So many worthy winners, but in the end two 'outfits' were so appalling that they almost voted for themselves.

    Lady Victoria Hervey and Paris Hilton clearly dress like that to get attention, but the really scary ones are the people who actually work for a living, like actresses, presenters and sportspeople. Do they really think these outfits are going to enhance their professional image?

  • Leslie Verrinder - 10 years ago

    An excellent example of the love child when dildoes & jock straps breed

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