Should Troy Buswell repay his damage bill?


  • Labor-man - 10 years ago

    Sack both of them.

  • Damo - 10 years ago

    Whether alcohol was a factor or not, the fact remains that Mr Buswell pleaded guilty to careless driving, and a range of other charges related to this incident, and was convicted. He has also admitted to having mental health issues, which is very unfortunate whomever you are, nevertheless that does not give Mr Buswell nor anybody for that fact, the right to get behind the wheel of a motor car, especially if impaired by mental issues. As a member of parliament, I would like to believe they should know better, and furthermore should be setting a standard. We all have a duty of care to our fellow road users, and he totally and utterly disregarded that after fleeing from the first car he damaged!!! If that was any other average person the insurance company would not hesitate to deny the claim, in fact I'd be surprised if the insurer took a second look at the claim. Why should any member of OUR parliament be entitled to special privalliges when it comes to matters of common law, when they have broken those laws!!! They are elected by the people for the people and I believe it's about bloody time they started acting for the people!! Mr Buswell have the common decency and the morals to correct this and pay your dues!!!!!!

  • peter munn - 10 years ago

    Buswell must be made to pay for all the damage he caused, plus make restitution to the insurance companies also the people who's vehicles he damaged, make restitution for their out of pocket expenses they incurred while their cars were un drivable, and make up the loss of value of the cars

  • gypsy - 10 years ago

    Buswell should pay for the damage himself, he gets more pay than the average worker. Cant wait for the next election so we can get rid of barnett and his wasting money on drum lines etc

  • Jan - 10 years ago

    Barnett has lost 20 family votes, just over Buswell. About 60 over the drum lines and I can't tell how many over the school kids signature paving. What a pair of misfits.

  • mike oxlong - 10 years ago

    Buswell should pay up, he was clearly under the influence of alcohol and should not have been driving.

  • Chrissy - 10 years ago

    If it was you or I, we would have to pay and I would expect to pay. The other peoples' cars need repair, but its the owner who has all the hassells of getting it repaired and being without it whilst its being done. I think they should also be reimbursed for hiring a car while without theirs. I would hate to be without my car, and for something that wasn't even their fault, why should they be inconvenienced.

  • tassie devil - 10 years ago

    ryan, are you using as alis and your real name is "colin"? i wasn't there at the wedding nor was i in the car with mr buswell at the time of the incident, but he was seen drinking over a period of time at the wedding and then drove. why should he be excluded in paying for the damage he has done to innocent tax payers, and get away with it?

  • allen pittman - 10 years ago

    Just to add to my earlier comments, some years back a similar event occurred in the ACT whilst I was living there, the then chief minister was involved in a car accident on the federal highway, and yes it was all swept under the grassy surrounds of the ACT and all forgotten, now she is on a large salary as ceo, can not remember the company or gov department

  • allen pittman - 10 years ago

    Well well, its all ok to remove the pension entitlements from us oldies due to there being not enough funds to continue with the scheme as has been the case for many years, but again these polies can decide what is best for them and always find the cash to keep themselves happy and content. Oh yes they always seem to freeze their salaries when things get a little tough, just to make it appear all well, our soon to be lost entitlements are gone for good, not twelve months like their wages freeze. I find it hard to sleep at night but these polies seem to have zero trouble, shit Buswells even got time to party and destroy others property and the car that is owned by the Western Australian tax payers.
    Sack him and the rest who abuse the system. ps. I am a pissed off liberal voter.

  • Ryan Gray - 10 years ago

    If it can be proven that alcohol was a factor then yes, however it cant be proven so no, that is what insurance companies are for.

    And we would all and have all done our best to make sure insurance covers any crashes.

  • margaret pryor - 10 years ago

    Buswell should be treated no differently than any other person who damages vehicles through careless driving, pay up Buswell you can afford it, the people who had their cars damaged as a result should not be disadvantaged.

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