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  • George Pratt - 6 years ago

    As usual, Mr. Lalor's article is half baked. Yes, while it is true that a the present time the majority of solar cells are made in China, it does nto mean it will be that way forever. MIT has been doing alot of research to reduce and /or develop a lower cost cell and it would not be surprising if future cell costs were comparable to the historic price curve of semiconductors. Meanwhile, there is little reason not to believe that kwh prices will continue to rise. It may be hard for Mr Lalor to understand, but billionaires don't enter deals to lose money; thus it would be nice if you told us something about Mr. Musk business plan, like how many people does expect to hire over the next few years. Also, what is the real exposure for the state; you state the Star Act is a $1 billion progam, how is allocated; and what alternative do you have for the $255 million building the state has apparently built. Your essay is about as fuzzy as your explantion of what happened to all that money you collected for veterans to seek political office.

  • S - 6 years ago

    I certainly do agree with giving tax credits for using solar power but the bill apparently extends credits only to business not individuals. And in looking up solar power manufacturers it does seem that American workers will not be the recipient of jobs for an expanding business because most mfging companies are based overseas (solarlove.org/top-solar-power-companies/)

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