Who Was The Best On The Show


  • Miss Krysable - 10 years ago

    Mild and unnecessary thirst voting for me this time. Sorry girl :-\

    Miss Krysable

  • trojanscooter - 10 years ago

    Much like HC, I love me some Rhett, However, she loves swords and tried to defend Florida. My vote is for Lamonte.

  • HC - 10 years ago

    I love Rhett. Rhett loves swords. Can't vote for Rhett. However, Lamonte broke up Brown Skin and Glasses...for creative or professional growth or whatever. Ordinarily that's a fine reason to move on. Not in this case. The only acceptable explanation here is "my podcast partner loves swords," which any sane person would understand. But he tolerated that then uses this weak reason? I'm staying home from the polls in disgust with both parties.

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