Are you glad that Lebron is bring his talents BACK TO THDE LAND!!??


  • Jamarcus - 10 years ago

    Yeah let's all jump back on the I'm a Cavs fan bandwagon because Lebitch is back, and we're all a bunch people that take it in the butt. And I'm glade to see that 70% of non-Clevelanders voted, along with 21% of people that claim to be Cavs fans (but really haven't been to a game LeDouche left). Come on, where's your balls at you other Clevelanders did you forget them at home or up your asses.

  • chaviony - 10 years ago

    Real shit LeBron James is the best basket ball player in the world so really he can do wat ever he wants

  • chaviony - 10 years ago

    LeBron James is a lil bitch for that he should have kept his black ass in miam

  • T Mack - 10 years ago

    Welcome back young bro. I'm a Lebron Fan, everywhere he went I went. But coming Back home was a real Mature Decision, and I thank you bro. But last but not least, LETS GO BRONIAND THE CLEVELAND CAVS!!!!!

  • Rohnesha - 10 years ago

    Welcome Home!! We Miss You!

  • Helen - 10 years ago

    C'mon home baby!!!
    Let the haters do their job and you do yours! - lol!
    We NEED you! You helped put Cleveland on the map!!!!
    Thank you for choosing us again !!

  • SUE GIBSON CURRY - 10 years ago

    I am so proud to have the king coming back yes he made a chose to leave but now he is coming back to us.I was never angry with him for leaving he just did what he had to do for himself and his family and one thing about it all he still the bestplayer I have ever had the chance to see play loving basketball more the ever thank you Lebrorn come home and do what you do.

  • Cathy - 10 years ago

    I am soooo happy Lebron is coming home!!

  • kathy - 10 years ago

    he did not betray his hometown, his hometown is Akron, and they don't have a problem with him coming home that is Akron not Cleveland.
    he does not owe Cleveland anything and as far as that goes they should be happy he even thinks about Cleveland period.

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