The army's rules on tattoos are:

  • Daniel - 6 years ago

    Unfortunate. I had high hopes of pursuing the life of an Army Ranger, now I have nothing. Doomed to be another fucking civilian of little worth because of a butterfly on my hand.

  • Miguel - 6 years ago

    mest up tattoos shouldn't have anything to do with rules....rules should be based on respect especially when it comes to the forces...I mean shouldn't they respect ones tattoos...a tattoo shouldn't be what stops the guy who just might save your life from doing so...tattoos shouldn't resemble any form of unprofessionalism. There is nothing unprofessional about a tattoo a tattoo doesn't affect your brains it and it doesn't affect your skills. if anything all there saying is they cant stand not judging you if you have a tattoo just because that's how they where raised to think...they where raised to think lower of those with tattoos because they resemble some sort of "unprofessionalism" when there is absolutely no logic behind this type of should be time for a change and a wider accustom of acceptance in the mentality of professionals rather than judging a book by its cover...and that's all there teaching America with such a to judge a book by its cover...don't you think....I mean Shure there are some tattoos out there that shouldn't be allowed but many people get tattoos for plenty of good reasons...respect there intentions won't you

  • Ronney - 6 years ago

    Tattoos do not change the way a person acts or feels. It's terrible that people look down on those with tattoos and these new military rules on it are absurd. A person can still maintain a professional appearance even if they are covered in ink.

  • Helen - 6 years ago

    Tatoos shows weak character and bad judgement, two things we do not need nor want in the military.

  • Helen - 6 years ago

    Tatoos shows weak character and bad judgement, two things we do not need nor want in the military.

  • Nicholas - 6 years ago

    yes it a choice but it is still not right to not let someone join iI really wanted to join but I cant even with just tribal symbols on each side of my neck iI was not away of this tatoo policy witch it didnt change to this until march 2014 if iI would have known iI wouldnt have got the tattoos know iI would umnderstand if you knew of this already amnd still got the tattoos anyways but thats where I see its unfair is when you have the tattoos already and they where going to except you at one pi oint bu I decided to wait to just make sure thats what I wanted to do and to further do my research on it then when I was fully engaged in signing up and fight,for my country tuen into a passion a was really looking forward to signing up even as an infantryman but withimn that month they changed from that passion, goal, dream from haoppening for me I even called different recruiters,active and reseresves to see if iI could get anywheres to join even a waiver if you will but nope now iI cant do what I feel is the best thing for me and my family my goal,my passion my dreanm down the drain because of it I wanted to do it so bad iI was going to even look into the quick ship just to get my basic training going faster so I could start service my country with honor and pride but with this policy my dreams are broken shattered for me and my family if there is anything that can be done or changed to make it where iI can join please let me know note: do not have money for tattoo remals treatment) thanks for your time.

  • Jeff - 6 years ago

    I think the tattoo policy is a joke. I have been rejected numerous times to serve my country because of my tattoos... I feel that I am capable of serving my country even with my tattoos... I wanted to be in the infantry but the tattoo policy still stands which sucks big time. I really want to join, maybe I'll jus have to wait for the draft...

  • Richard - 7 years ago

    So if we go to war and we have to start the draft, people wont have to run to Canada, just go out and get some Tats. I spent 23 years in the service of my country and cant believe this Tattoo policy. I wouldn't be able to enlist in todays military. This Policy is very wrong and is going to hurt us in the long run.

  • Jeannie Simmons - 7 years ago

    I agree with Becky!!

  • Beckie - 7 years ago

    I agree with Dan tattoos are a choice! I served in the US army for 6 years and was deployed to Iraq. For those who do not know their military history rules against tattoos always been a part of the Army Reg so this is nothing new. During the height of OIF and OEF the regulations were changed so that people with tattoos were able to join. NOW with the declination of the fight over seas the have altered the regulations back to their former status. As a woman I face strict regualtions about my hair style, finger nails and makeup to but Im not complaining that these are discrimanatory practices. These regualtions are set in place to ensure that our soldiers display the most professional apperance both here and abroad on duty and off duty! We as Americans in general have a certain obligation to uphold but, our soldiers represent us all around the world and are often many peoples first impressions of us. Is it to much of the army to ask for a soldier to not have a pot leaf on their neck or smiley face on their head or "badass" down their calf? No i dont think so! This regualtion has nothing to do with discrimination nor does it implying that people who do not meet the regualtions are less worthy of serving. If you really want to you could make the same case for the height and weight standard the army has..... Are they discriminating against obese people .... Are obese people less worthy of serving their country?? NO they just dont meet the standards. I dont have a law degree so i cant be a lawyer so does that make me any less worthy of being a lawyer?? No but its required you have a law degree and pass the bar. Those are the standards thats all there is to it! I wish people would stop trying to make themselves into victims! Get over it

  • Jim - 7 years ago

    My understanding is this: the military has had to recruit to fill the application pipeline. Now, there is a large surplus of volunteers wanting to serve in the military AND pairing this with all the military budget cuts I see this as a way for them to weed through the applications. A loose corilation might be a minimum GPA requirement on a job application. I still don't like it. Doesn't feel right...

  • jayme - 7 years ago

    So they are basically saying people with tattoos are not worthy of fighting for our rights, protecting us or savings lives. To me soldiers need to be professional in there manners and the way they handle themselves. Appearance wise shouldn't matter as long as they are good at their job. Their not walking into a court room or getting up in front of CEO'S they are fighting for our country. They deserve to be able to express themselves and many of the tattoos are related to being in the military because they are proud to serve their country.

  • Gabby - 7 years ago

    I agree with Avery what does it matter if they have tattoos... just because a person has tattoos doesn't mean they can't be in the army, navy, police officer, or even a doctor. They are still capable of doing their job with tattoos.

  • Dan - 7 years ago

    I'm not sure how this is discrimination. Tattoos are most certainly a choice. At a minimum, soldiers should look professional in the dress and daily uniforms. Tattoos on the face, neck and hands most certainly are not professional looking in those uniforms. The PT uniform and tattoos on the legs and arms.....that might not be so critical. And for those who have them on their hands and face, technology will allow you to remove them if you really want to serve your country.

  • Avery - 7 years ago

    My husband is in the army & I think it's ridiculous, because even when they are deployed they are completely covered, I know the rules say no neck tattoos, below the elbow & so on, the only time they ever really show skin is when they are doing PT. When they do PT they are in shorts & a tee shirt. What is the difference from a mark on your skin?

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