Should we continue doing #DatBlood?


  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    I felt forced into watching this last season. The bestie's HBO got cut off temporarily so I had my out her HBO go account got cut off right AFTER Dem Thrones (Praise Him!) But of course she got another subscription right when y'all let our be known y'all was gonna do the recap. So I had to set up her new hbogo account. No choice!

    Oh and FYI Lettie or whoever the name of Tara's mom, is the old lady version of Jewel from "Food Stamp Bitches". Think about it!

    Miss Krysable

  • Kyle - 9 years ago

    I remember years ago people were talking about how great True Blood was! Now it seems like everyone hate watches it. Thats okay though, because all the shade is funny as hell!

    Also, I think I have found the KFC commercial Rod hates :)

  • Terrahawk - 9 years ago

    I was havng a grand ole time listening to you and justin hate watch this show. I'll never evar watch this show tho. But this segment is like anti-demthones. So i wouldn't be suprise if you guys start invited guest who also hate watch the show. Oh, I also hope karen continues to not watch and ask you justin bout little things in the to force yall to pay attention more. Love the show #laughingatyapain

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