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Posted 5 years.


  • John A - 5 years ago

    our bills are about $40 per month higher than last year. Price per KW has gone up..... Just have to cut back on going out etc. this will hurt the local economy, you watch a year from now...... Is this due to loss of revenue with people installing solar panels???

  • Est Moll-Laws - 5 years ago

    I wonder why elected officials who have received
    campaign contributions from Central Hudson/Fortis
    are now so selectively quiet?

  • Nina - 5 years ago

    Why is anyone surprised that the number of utility shut off notices has increased. When you decrease your power usage in an attempt to decrease costs and you are hit with a bill that is more than double what you paid the previous month despite using much less electricity it is extremely difficult to come up with money. This appears to be price gouging by the utility companies. My rate went from 9 cents to 16 cents in one month. Prior to this increase we stopped using things such as our radon fan, three air cleaners, shut down three fish tanks and 15 fluorescent light fixtures used for plants. In addition we changed all our bulbs to CFLs and no longer use the dryer, oven or range, shut down outdoor lights used in the evenings, etc. Despite practically living by headlamp to see and shutting things down permanently my bill didn't go down it went up a few hundred dollars due to this near double price increase. Salaries haven't doubled so how is anyone going to afford to use electricity? I am sure the number of heat related deaths will increase this year as well because no one can afford to run their air-conditioning this summer. It also seems that the power companies are cutting off their nose to spite their face because power is now unaffordable to the average hardworking customer, never mind those of us on a fixed income. I predict that they will be losing more than half their customers in shut offs for lack of payment. It will also become hard to collect these past due amounts as people just do not have the money and you cannot get blood from a stone. Perhaps no one should eat so they can see. A minor increase is tolerable and acceptable, but nearly double is just greed.

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