Should the Route 460 Project proceed?


  • King Khalfani - 10 years ago

    No! Route 460, should not be upgraded and those that have profited to the tune of $300-million, without permits and without 1-foot of asphalt being laid should have to return those taxpayer dollars immediately. The Commonwealth of Virginia has been lauded in the past as being a great place to conduct business. VDOT managers and inspectors say that their primary objective is to protect the taxpayer. Well, who was protecting the taxpayers from this rip-off? Thank you Virginia Business and the journalist who wrote this article for the documentation and for reminding us of this debacle. Some of us had let it slip our minds.

  • James Clary - 10 years ago

    Wow this project will be nice for businesses, the real reason for it is to provide another evacuation route in case of hurricanes... Current 460 washes out and mild storms, pathways through towns that cause minor disruptions with usual traffic would cause serious delays during an evacuation

  • Bob Rose - 10 years ago

    There is no demonstrated need for a toll road from Suffolk to the greater Richmond area, and I-95. The existing Route 460 could be upgraded, made safer, and perhaps with some additional bypasses at much less expense and with far less environmental costs than building a parallel toll road. The state should cut its losses, learn from this mistake, and establish a plan to upgrade Route 460.

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