Do You Agree With DHHS TV's Video Re: the Success of NCTracks?

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  • Sandra Williams - 9 years ago

    I am currently working as an Eligibility Specialist in a Hospital that serves clients that are potentially eligible for Medicaid. I assist them with the entire application process including appeals and hearings. I have many applications that is lost and fallen through the NC Track Cracks, unanswered for, or not properly processed and no one is being held accountable for them. These are people who need help and are applying for medicaid benefit that is taking 7 to 8 months are longer just to find out if an application is registered in the NCFAST system - this would normally be done in 3 days. An application for M/AF should take only 45 days to process. Some applications, especially the M/AD applications never get registered and / acknowledged -County have possession. Then once the applications are logged the unfortunate clients are not given the proper time to respond to the County for verifications and subsequently the application is denied without giving the client knowledge that it's been denied. I know this program has hurt families and is also responsible for many County employees resigning and leaving thier jobs. I am frustrated on this side of the Track trying to help my clients but, I am glad that I left prior to the implementation of NCTRAC. It is sad. Scrap it and go back to the EIS System. That is my opinion.

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