Do you agree with the Supreme Court decision about Hobby Lobby? (Poll Closed)

  • No
    102 votes

  • Yes
    79 votes


Poll posted 5 years ago.

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  • SueNomi - 5 years ago

    If there are any current employees of HB here in Mountain Home who are just beside themselves over the ruling, just canNOT bear to work that $15.00 per hour job over this, please contact me here. I will gladly take over your job so you can feel better about yourself!

  • suenomi - 5 years ago

    You can still get the pill if you work at HB.

    And even ovomit care wont cover fetus murder.

  • C. Seaman - 5 years ago

    one Business ( Hobby Lobby ) telling another business (insurance Companies) how to do business??? Really! Why not just refuse to pay for it, let the insurance company bare the cost.

  • joe seaman - 5 years ago

    Corporations over workers. Profit over democracy. Hobby Lobby is not a church.

  • Douglas Bruffett - 5 years ago

    As with most, if not all issues regarding "women's health", this issue is not completely understood. The real issue is whether a Christian owned company can be forced to pay for abortive medication, such as the "morning after pill". This has more to do with bad choices than health. I would like to see a government that fulfills it's responsibilities to this nation rather than attempt to regulate its citizens. We have over 1,000,000 federal regulations in place to date. How can we continue to say we are free?

  • David - 5 years ago

    Some people ( on the right ) whine even when a Supreme Court decision gives them a favorable decision. And the right will continue to whine until they have brought our country to pre-1960 . Fortunately, most people have matured -- especially the younger generation. Historically, liberalism wins eventually. I can choose where to spend my money and I will not willingly shop those companies controlled by anyone who tries to force their religious beliefs on others.

  • W. Morgan - 5 years ago

    Whatever happened to a business being allowed to make its own decisions on coverage? I totally SUPPORT the decision. It's PAST time government got out of regulating businesses to death. Congress and the President need to stick to handling only what the Constitution (remember that item?) permits them to do and leave the rest alone. This leftist, liberal, gimmedat mentality evidenced by the current vote up above is destroying this country and people are too "me" centered to see it.

    As to being able to get the pill, there are plenty of ways to get it if you don't have health insurance, such as Planned Parenthood, samples through the doctor, or fill out the papers to get it directly from the drug company so this is a false reason to force a business to pay for it. Before someone tells me I'm wrong on this last statement, I've rarely had health coverage during my 6+ decades of life and I've never done without ANY needed medications, so stuff the leftist, liberal rhetoric.

  • Ellen Hedin - 5 years ago

    I guess they have a right, according to a contentious court decision, to opt out of contraceptive coverage. I have the right to withhold my business from Hobby Lobby and will do so.

  • d branda - 5 years ago

    five male judges making decisions on womens health care half the birth control pills are used for other reasons

  • Joey Blackwell - 5 years ago

    I agree if the abortion is for the wrong reason.

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