Do you think there is an issue with power projection?
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  • Lugia3 - 8 years ago

    Non-blops jump drives should be nerfbatted into oblivion. Make capitals able to use stargate. Also make capitals able to jump up to 5 stargates away, but this process takes a minute or so to initiate, and places the capital in a random location in the target system. This does not need a cyno. If jumping to a cyno instead, it takes the capital 4-5 minutes to initiate the jump, and it lands like it does now.

    Titans keep the bridge, but subs physically fly through a "portal" formed infront of each ship, like the Halo Slipspace drive. Should take 10-15 seconds depending on the class of sub. Blackops ships are unchanged by this, keeping the jump drive and old-bridge.

    There you go, capitals can get used by smaller groups now without the looming threat of "suddenly 100 PL supers".

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