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Poll posted 5 years ago.


  • W.L. Barton - 5 years ago

    Marijuana has been used as medicine for as long as the plant has appeared on this planet. The same is true of coca. The problem comes when the plant is processed into 'medicine' and sold in pharmacies and is freely prescribed by trained and knowledgeable professionals or sold indiscriminately on the black market. While I am not a proponent of home-grown coca, I do feel that if someone derives benefit from putting cannabis--or the smoke of it--into their bodies for the purpose of symptom mitigation, the only ones to suffer any loss for it are the durgl companies that should have decades ago led the way to pharmaceuticals derived from marijuana instead of supporting a huge lobbying campaign against it.

  • Michael - 5 years ago

    Yes, but only in a liquid form which has proven to be more medically effective.

  • Jay - 5 years ago

    I am all for medical, but a little more skeptical of full legalization. My legalization fear is not too many people using and becoming lazy and sedentary, or dangerous on the roads, or that our kids will start using too. We all know that those things are already deeply routed in our society as it stands. We have the blinders on telling us that marijuana is illegal therefore kids aren't using. My fear comes from government regulation. It will go the way of Big Tobacco, which with all their evils destroys lives. We need to make this legal to grow and cultivate in our homes, in our gardens, and anywhere else we choose to plant it. It is medicine and doctors should use it as such, but what we have seen with other medicine is more harm than good. Painkillers have led to a heroine epidemic. Marijuana is not the gateway drug, the doctors prescription is.

  • Marie marquardt - 5 years ago

    It should not be illegal. It should be treated as a naturally growing plant. Look what happened with making alcohol illegal. It was used more

  • robert simoncelli - 5 years ago

    It s medicine !!!!!! That alone should answer the question. It helps many people in many ways. Lets stop being ignorant , this has been one of the biggest lies for over 60 years !!!!. Look what pharmaceutical co. and Dr. s have done to the youth of this country , more addictive pain pills ??? on to her ion . YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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