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Has Facebook's privacy stance given you enough reason to quit? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 1,291

  • Alastair Millar - 9 years ago

    The answer categories are a bit slanted - there needs to be an option for "sure Facebook's use of my data annoys me, but I won't quit until more of my friends are on other networks"

  • Marie - 9 years ago

    I quit FB earlier this year. Was tired of constantly having to fix my security settings. I found FB kept changing the security options and if I didn't stay alert to this, I risked violations.

  • Doug - 9 years ago

    Yes, no, maybe, n/a are reasonable options. WIth the sentences you put afterwards you are clearly trying to steer the result. Bad polling.

  • Iain - 9 years ago

    None of these answer apply to me, nor to many other FB users I know.

    I am not happy with FB and stay because others are there, but I lock down the permissions tightly and post as little as possible about myself.

    I would love to move to a more ethical and less awful equivalent, but only if the people I keep in touch with do too. I suppose Google+ is a possibility, but are they trustworthy? Google is taking over the world, and you know what absolute power does.

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