Did Wolfgang Have A Point About The MRA Getting a Bad Rap?


  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    Rod & Karen - I think that letter may been longer than "Food Stamp Bitches" Martin Luther's 99 Theses against the Catholic Church wasn't as long as that letter - that letter changed the history of religion!! Personally, I think most MRA's guys don't like women at all, or simply don't think of women as anything Walking Flesh lights that might occasionally make a sandwich. For every one guy who has "valid" critiques of modern feminism, there are about 5-10 man children who haven't matured from adolescent understanding of the opposite sex.

    And, I think this young guy in Germany, who appeared have reasonable argument, just got tangled up with a bunch of nuts and loons and should probably walk away before he ends up like the White Guy in Higher Learning. You can't hang out with folks like that and not have their view completely corrupt your POV.

    Joke aside, love the show as always.

  • Erica - 9 years ago

    Great discussion on the natural hair "controversy. I have been natural for 4 years. Loving my hair has been
    a process. Karen hit the nail on the head as she usually does when she said that natural hair is a trend.
    I recall that when i was relaxing my hair, my friend who was natural always said smart thing about my hair. Some of these heffas are natural hair Nazis. i don't care what others do their hair or who is featured on the site. Is it me or are people just too damn sensitive and easily offended.

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