Has Obama Overstepped His Role In Threatening To Use Executive Orders To Address The Problems On Immigration ?


  • J Rapp - 9 years ago

    Like all Lefties, you pick on Bohener. By picking on immigration reform, to show the House is not functional. What about the senate, where Reed will not permit a vote on any issue that is contrary to the Dictator Obama. The house has passed far more bills than the Senate, and not on freshman Democrat Senator has had a vote in any amendment they have proposed - Reed won't allow it. And on immigration reform, the can be no reform where Obama will not follow the law. It will have to wait until he is out of office.

  • Nick Mantas - 9 years ago

    Obama has overstepped his authority in other areas, like the "kill lists", renditions etc. but not in using executive orders for immigration issues.

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