Should Anthony Cumia Have Been Fired?


  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    Hell yeah, he deserved to be fired. Sirius doesn't give a damn when it happened because they have to deal with the backlash. He did something that was causing them problems so he had to go. It stop being his personal time when Sirius got that first call or email.

  • FeltFive - 9 years ago

    Fuck this dude, Fuck his supporters, Fuck Opie, Fuck his cell phone, Fuck his camera app, Fuck his dad for fucking his mom and last but not least, Fuck his troll ass racist fanbase. I blocked 94 assholes that came up in my mentions talking shit. Now I know how activists feel when their mentions get blown up. I used an app to count the number of trolls I blocked. One guy even tried to look up personal info on me and tweet it to cumia. Luckily his info was inaccurate. Yeah man, Fuck racists.

  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    TBWT Rule #4080 - Americans like Racism they way they prefer their porn or sexual kinks, on the low and not in public.

    Anthony Cumia was fine as far as Sirius was concerned because his racism, misogyny and general jackass behavior was confined to the 3 hours of his morning show. He was an angry wild dog on a short leash and behind a fence. Once his bigotry went out the gate and started biting random people, it was a little too much for the suits. He pulled a Donald Sterling and he got bounced for being too embarrassing for the company, just like Don Sterling.

  • Adam Carolla - 9 years ago

    This is the problem with society nowadays. In the sixties, back when we actually had a society, this never would have happened.

  • Joe Spacely - 9 years ago

    What messed him up is that he didn't attempt humor with it. Having little familiarity with Opie and Anthony, I assume they present these "real America" tropes through dude bro humor? Maybe he thought he was being funny. I know humor rarely works on Twitter if you don't know the person. But if throws "jokes" out there, he could hide behind the "people can't take a joke" shield. Could have gone on the show Monday and joked about the crybabies that don't get it. Could have gotten his comedy friends to back him up. But he got all in his feelings, like the countless "bleeding hearts" he no doubt complains about on the show. The worst thing for these guys is to actually care; that's when they get into trouble.

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