Are you OK with old technology recycled in a "new" car if it means a cheaper price tag?
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  • B. - 6 years ago

    Not everyone need all the bling bling!
    If need a car is to take you from home to work, and grocery store, let's say all short trips, for some people it is COMPLETLY useless to have electrical widows, 4-speed automatic is fine, A/C noit required, heck the radio should even be optional.
    Look at Mexico, they had the old sclhool aircooled VW Beetle until 2004, what took it down was the fact that other cars (watercooled) had better heating for the same price, cars like a Hyunday i10, or the Chevrolet Chevy.
    Go around the world and you see the same thing.

    In Canada and U.S., we just get stuffed by the manufacturers on what they think we need, as if we were in the 50's, and slogan is "bigger is better".

    I even wish that some company like Ford or Chevrolet, would come out with the next muscle car with no bling bling what so ever, just a big motor and basic interior (no radio, no eelectric window... nothing), because let face it, it would be cheaper, and FASTER. Look at the hot rodding scene and you'll understand.

    All in all, technology is great if you want it. But not every one wants it, nor is it always justyfied.

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