Do you feel religion is a viable solution to today's problems?

  • carol m chapman - 6 years ago

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  • Raymond Southerland - 6 years ago

    The thought that religion is the answer is absolutely absurd. Religion in much of the world "Is The Problem". People divide themselves according to religion, race, location and any other difference they can find among themselves. In my opinion "employment" is the solution to many but not all of our problems. In America where race is at the forefront of many of our problems we speak of a "color blind society". The premise is that "color" is the problem here in America. Color is no more the problem than religion or lack thereof is the problem. We are never going to have a "color blind society" but we can have a society free of racism and a real opportunity of success for "everyone". That requires nothing more than a decision and a willingness to make the resources of this land equally available to all, starting with "education". The lack of a quality education is the death null for anyone and everyone. Much is loss because there are many who never get the opportunity to contribute to this land because they never learn the 3 Rs and coding and all the other things needed to make themselves better. There's a Black Bill Gates and Steve Jobs out there that we will never know about. We will happily spend whatever is needed to lock someone up for almost $40,000 a year. How many of these people would be in prison if they had a job that paid them $40,000 per/yr. Last but not lest our response to drugs is a complete drain on this country. Every time you see a drug bust on tv and you see the table with drugs, guns, money ask yourself, "does this make any difference". You can still go around the corner and buy whatever drugs you want to buy. Is drugs the real problem or is it what people do to get the money for drugs that is the real problem. Make everything legal, regulate it, make it affordable, tax it, provide treatment just like for booze and use the billions saved and billions collected in taxes to help reduce the National Debt that is soon going to make our currency have the value of toilet paper. Forgive me for I digress.

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