Do You Think David Barajas Will Be Found Guilty ofMurdering Jose Banda?


  • Miss Anonymous - 4 years ago

    One of these precious little boys was literally cut in half with one of his legs under the car. He was conscious and aware before he died at 11 years old. Can you image the excruciating pain he was in? The fear he was feeling? Yet he was asking where his 12 year old brother was who was feet away with crushing chest and abdominal injuries that was also conscious and aware just long enough to know that he was going to die too. I have zero sympathy or compassion for Jose AT ALL. He chose to get behind the wheel and drive DRUNK. He knew better. What’s funny is I don’t think David Barajas even did it. Why? Because there is video of him giving CPR to his dead 12 year old. You think he saw his dying children and said, “Screw you, I’m leaving you to die..,going to run home, get a gun, shoot Jose, run back home, rinse Jose’s blood off, change my clothes, dispose of my clothes and the gun, make sure I get the gun residue off of my hands, run back to the accident, roll around in both of my now dead children’s blood so it’s all over my clothes, lay over my dead child while still performing CPR on my other child so it will be on dash cam when the useless cops who did NOTHING to help show up? GTFOH!

  • alicia - 10 years ago

    Banda got what he deserved he took the lives of two innocent loving boys ( david jr. & caleb)
    im from Alvin and ive known red since I was a baby. Red is not that kind of person people make him out to be. he loves his sons his daughter and his family.

  • mariah - 10 years ago

    David Barajas is a convicted felon. A dope dealer.. No angel there. If he gets away with it he will have his judgement day!!! Mr Banda is far from right. But David felt hr did what he had to. And now its Jose's family turn...

  • anonymous - 10 years ago

    Am not God so I can't judge no one but if God can for give so can I stop talking ugly and open your heart bc hate is not needed here I pray that Jose gets justice for what has happened to him and Caleb and David jr. Be there for your mom and dad look over them for whatever

  • Kristie Dickens - 10 years ago

    Banda got what he deserved.. say what u want about red but he didn't kill kids b cuz if a bad choice to drunk and drive... nobody cares what he did before... so IF he did it ..... my props to u sir.... I too amfrom aAlvin and the whole community us supporting HIM

  • *Jean - 10 years ago

    ^^^I'm from Alvin and Mr.Barajas is no angel him self stop talking shit wrong is wrong JOSE'S LIFE WAS TAKE FOR WAT HE DID AND NOW Barajas should have to pay for want he did so that JOSE'S Lil girl and wife Can have their justice I'm praying for you guys and justice is served

  • anonymous - 10 years ago

    I would of shot that bastard too he and his family are nothing but wanna be gangsters and this happened 50 ft from me while I was sleeping. He was drunk and killed those two innocent boys for nothing because he was driving drunk and if he were still alive he would've already broken the law many more times and possibly killed someone else. Free barajas

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