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  • s.prabakar - 8 years ago


  • Guru - 8 years ago

    Should plan to get all the BLACK MONEY out to make INDIA debt free country and to compete with other countries financially.

    Looks like the budget is for every citizen benefits and we are welcoming these kind of strategic in INDIA.

    Here what is the highlight is, most of the chain smokers and PAN addictors may either quit or reduce it with these kind of plan.

    Hats Off to our Finance Minister.

    Hoping for the Smart Country evolution.

  • Manish.S - 8 years ago

    Should have stressed and concentrated more on retrieving BLACK MONEY

  • Fantabulous - 8 years ago

    Overall I think the tax was good. Am not really sure what impact would reduction of custom duty on crude have on petrol and diesel prices. But did not like the idea of increasing the period of long-term holding from 1 to 3 years.

    There are still a few not well tapped area for generation of revenue. The high end luxury items like cars, electronics, liquor, accesories, etc. can be taxed at a higher rate.

    Good for individuals as it helps save some valuable tax via small savings which should simulate the economy further and encourage peple to save more.

  • Kirit B Patel - 8 years ago

    This budget is very important for strengthen the Indian Economy. It will helpful to remove poverty and unemployment Problems. Our finance minister presented the real picture of economy before the nation. I am very glad to see this budget and I would like to congratulate him to take strong decision for bright future of India.

  • ajay kumar - 8 years ago

    More Tax can be increase on Tobaco and liquer prodect and also tax on luxry vehicle can be increased. tax on Rail ticket can be increased. If we realy want to make our country economicaly stable thaen we realy tink about the reenue generation. One example of our state Haryana Govt. has allotted all land to developer fot their personal intrest otherwise our HUDA authority can develope this area and can generate the revenue for our state development that indirectly help the growth of country.

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