Is the budget good for the country or bad for the country?

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  • Pramod Kumar - 5 years ago

    It is a Good Budget. For each and every changes, it will take some we should keep patience and wait for these days. Nothing will be happen in one day.

  • ASHAY - 6 years ago

    it,s a great job done by modi sarkar, the excess of money is to be taken from richers and small amount from poors. this will increase the economic condition of poor and they could live a better life. the plus point of the buget is the taxes are increased for wrong things and redused for good things.

  • fathima.h - 6 years ago

    A hearty congrats to respected fm mr ARUN ,for his outstanding budget presentation. This will be suerly a nice start for india to its wholistic development........................... Its really a nice start ...................... GO AHEAD.............'ALL THE BEST'..................

  • sandeep chavan - 6 years ago

    I think after in some days people of middle class level goes down in lower class and lower class people can never seen in india,
    they also comes under BPL..
    our government should take a measure action on budget Plzz..!

  • Balsane - 6 years ago

    I'm sorry to say ! don't understand that how can we answer this very much wrong question ?. because every budget has its own advantage and (disadvantage (Sometimes), let me correct u with due respect to all. that "Masala kisi ka bhi ho modi (bjp sanatan Hindu varg RSS) ya Gandhi ( Congress whatever doesn't matter cause u know after independence also British rule us serious joke apart) Biryani jara acchi ho thodi test de" aur ye to wo parose Jane par matlab is budget ko implement Kaha tak kar payenge tab pata chaleha. aur bahot kuchh hai ....

  • Varadharajg G - 6 years ago

    In the Budget They are focusing to set growth path for India. But adequate implementation is very important.
    Tax exemption and Cigarette's price hike is OK. Herewith need to keep control prices in daily usages like vegetables, fruits, gas, petrol and diesel. Then only poor and middle class people who can lead their lives.

  • navneet kaur - 6 years ago

    This budget is very good and very wisely prepared. But still the prices of foodgrains and eatables are not reasonable and govt. should totally stop the tobacco products.

  • aniket narode - 6 years ago

    nice budget,,but rather than increasing tax gov. should ban on tobacco product ..its so dangerous for pe

  • Jennifer - 6 years ago

    Cost of food grains is still in same condition....

  • Anirban Chakrabarty - 6 years ago

    Prices of Electronics goods had become cheaper and cost Cigarettes and tobacco substances had gone up which is very good, but no one is talking of essential items i.e cost of food grains of wheat and rice which is is the ingredients for survival of human beings. Everyone is silent here.

  • Arijit Das - 6 years ago

    Implementation is the key requirement of this budget,,, let the middle class feel privileged after suffering from the agony of prolonged and perpetual neglect by the previous government. Hail NA-MO and Jaitley !!!

  • Lincy - 6 years ago

    Finally A Budget fa the Country instead of Politicians !!!!!!

  • Gautam Chakrabarti - 6 years ago

    Budget is showing a sincere effort to give benefits to Middleclass salaried new or hidden burden. New IIM or IIT will be good future for many young students.

  • SACHIN - 6 years ago

    it is congress copy and past budjet

  • ithin - 6 years ago

    Great for this nation. Especially at a juncture, it was slipping into a vaccum under UPA regime, we have a strong committed govt in place.

  • airwind - 6 years ago

    Nach na aaye aangan teda.... copycat of congress budget.. a credit to previous govt..... no riaf maps .... only excuses.. n a 4000cr statue.... yo top it alll 200 cr for patel statue.... n 100 cr for war memorial...bhai purane fin kab aayengey

  • Suresh k v - 6 years ago

    2014 Modi Budjet is good for every one, No one can reach big goals with in a short period soo hope for the best.......have a nice time from suresh Kuruboor

  • Vinod Bajaj - 6 years ago

    Todays budget remind me of Bollywood film "Humshakals" in which Jaitley and Chidambaram are lead characters and have similar and identical vision.

    Today's budget was missed opportunity and Rs 200 Crore on PatelJi's statue was one of the bitter pills for us.

  • S.Roy - 6 years ago

    Overall budget is good for common man but 49% of direct investment in Defense and Insurance is not good.

  • S.Roy - 6 years ago

    Overall budget is good for common man but 49% of direct investment in Defense and Insurance is not good.

  • Vikas mahto - 6 years ago

    There is nothing for eastern india in the budget.this region is poorest and most neglected part of india.govt. Must help poor and big states like bihar and west bengal.

  • Avk Prasad Rao - 6 years ago

    Budget 2014 good and give some relief to income tax payers.

  • Kuldeep Saxena - 6 years ago

    The budget is good for the country but likelihood of more news like " A Stranger Robbed of Cigarette packet in broad day-light. really would be tough time for smokers. Kuldeep Saxena, Jaipur

  • jas - 6 years ago

    ray of hope

  • Abhimanyu - 6 years ago

    There shud be an option of can't say. But many things I found is good. But I was expecting strong decisions on Defence and sports.

  • kanika - 6 years ago

    Politics is like stage show drama for common man.
    You can just watch, but can't implement.

    But do not loose your hope.
    Hope for the best.

  • Rita - 6 years ago

    After a long time it was a good buget for middle class india and not for rich

  • suman kumar singh BOKARO - 6 years ago

    Modi vision to bring indian economy on the track which was derailed in previous. This is a grate budget for all classes.

  • Amit - 6 years ago

    this budget is good for Rich and bad for poor and middle class...

  • Abhishek - 6 years ago

    Its a very good budget indeed Considering the fact that the only things that are getting more expensive are the products that are dangerous for the common man and everything that can help our development is getting cheaper. This will definitely revolutionize the computerization of the middle class society and hence revolutionize the modernization of our country. Hopefully this is implemented with absolute honesty and purity.

    As far as the black money is concerned, I don't think Budget has anything to do with it.

  • Srinivasan - 6 years ago

    All the best India...

  • joj - 6 years ago


  • yogesh raval - 6 years ago

    Its good budget, taking care of all the categories of assesses. However there should be heavy tax duty on corporate CEO DRAWING SALARY ABOVE RS. 10 LACS n more pm.

  • Chinmoy - 6 years ago

    I am very happy to the increase in cigarette and gutka. I would suggest that increase excise duty on alcohol also even increase taxes on luxurious hotel.

  • rohan rao - 6 years ago

    Budget is going in the right direction but execution will take a long time

  • Sandip Roy - 6 years ago

    Excellent in terms of Future growth and also help to middle class and poor.Great job by Arun Jetly under NA-MO .i think in next 2 -3 years India will back on track if implementation is done with full care and honesty . and we can trust on NOMO at least on this (care & honesty)

    Sandip Roy

  • C K Mittal - 6 years ago

    The budget seems attractive but aftermaths need to be seen how actual implementation occurs.But one thing to say that reform will not come in just one or two months.It will take atleast 3 years.

  • Jagannatha - 6 years ago

    It is moving in a proper direction. Let us hope that it will be set right in the interest of common man

  • Jagannatha - 6 years ago

    It is moving in a proper direction. Let us hope that it will be set right in the interest of common man

  • Pt. J. Nehru - 6 years ago

    Since the country has committed to the Market Economy in 1991 every new government is expected to boost Road Taken. One can hardly experiment outside R&D in a competitive market economy.

  • Subramanian - 6 years ago

    A thing well begun is half done; with the inheritance of a bad economic situation from a lackluster performance of 10 years of UPA regime, the NDA needs at least 10 months to restore normalcy and set a road map

  • Ravinder Singh Bhandari - 6 years ago

    Fantabulous budget in terms of restructuring and shaping country in development form. However execution will matter a lot.

  • Narendra Jain - 6 years ago

    Ideas and thoughts are wonderful, hope this gets successfully executed.

  • ds babu - 6 years ago

    Debt servicing (annual interest burden) not addressed. Black money matter also not addressed.

  • Prakash Hegde K - 6 years ago

    Good budget for future INDIA

  • Arunkumar - 6 years ago

    Excellent budjet and good thinking.very useful to tamilnadu

  • Chakradhari sharan - 6 years ago

    It's a start

  • Chakradhari sharan - 6 years ago

    It's a start

  • Chakradhari sharan - 6 years ago

    It's a start

  • Chakradhari sharan - 6 years ago

    It's a start

  • Chakradhari sharan - 6 years ago

    It's a start

  • Chakradhari sharan - 6 years ago

    It's a start

  • Vamshi Lakshi - 6 years ago

    Hoping thay MODi's govt will brought block money preserved in outside India and brightens middle and lower class lives of India.

  • Sreenivas - 6 years ago

    Hope that MODI's Govt will grab and invests for the growth of INDIA and helps middle and lower class people.

  • Anil k Mathur - 6 years ago

    Really impressive being growth oriented. After all its Modi ji vision to bring India economy on track. Let we support to good team at center.

  • P. Gursahani - 6 years ago

    Good budget for every body

  • Kamal - 6 years ago

    Great budget for middle class.......govt will steal money from richer....grt job

  • sKazi - 6 years ago

    BJP copycat of UPA

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