What type of pattern paper do you like to work with most?
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  • Ron - 8 years ago

    Not enough space in the other box for my comment - so here I go. I always trace my patterns and use a roll of tracing paper OVER the original pattern. I know this is more work at the beginning, but I don't like how a tracing wheel leaves little holes in patterns I plan to re-use over and over again. Also, all adjustments are done on the trace, so if I mess up, or the cat desides she needs a new chew toy, I don't have to worry.

    Good luck with the elastic search. I found the perfect elastic for my Comox trunks (great pattern and has just passed the multi-wash test) , but each package leaves me with 10 1/2 inches waste. Not a problem if I were only making one or two pair, but since I like to change my underwear on a regular basis, I'm now searching Europe for the same brand, but by the roll. I'm also biting at the bit waiting for new patterns. Can't wait.

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