Which of the two versions made you want to know more about the book? Which one would have made you open the inside and read a few sentences?

  • Dan McCord - 8 years ago

    My friend and I read over both versions and talked about what we thought. They both are effective and WILL prompt people to continue reading.
    The difference is that version "A" reads as if it is a novel which is "Full of inspiration, transformation and confirmation". It is implied that the reader will grow from this story.
    Version "B" reads as if it is a self-help book with which your audience can learn the steps necessary "that can be used to transform any story that threatens your peace and happiness" via a fictional story.
    I hope this makes sense Kathy! Much love to you!

  • Cynthia Helton - 8 years ago

    The message of this book goes down so easily that some may not even recognize they are receiving a blessing as they take in its wisdom. Well done!

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