Do you want to see Chris as the next Bachelor?

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Posted 5 years.


  • Sharon - 5 years ago

    Many of our ancesters left their city homes to go out west with their loved one. if you truly ly love someone you will go with them anywhere. its Andi's loss. CHRIS will find true love on the next BAchelor. if i was younger and single I would be a contstant. best of luck to you Chris.

  • Angelique - 5 years ago

    Chris is what I call A REAL MAN!!!! He's sexy, hardworking, strong yet sensitive and he loves his family... Any woman would be lucky to be his wife. Plus, he's a outdoorsman, which I think is very manly and sexy!! Don't forget about those wonderful secret admirer letters too... He's the total package and I pray he finds a woman that will truly love him, because you can tell that when he loves he loves deeply and I think he is a true gentleman

  • maryam - 5 years ago

    i chose chris as next bachelor but in my heart i worry about his feelings hurt at the show. please girls do not brak his heart. i am not american so never in a million years i can not even think of marrying or dating him. so those who can please be kind and honest to him.

  • L - 5 years ago

    Chris was my number one pic since day one I was so sad to see him go I think he would have made an awesome husband, I think she really dumped him because she didn't want to leave the big city. I think he would make an awesome bachelor and now he gets to pick instead of being picked good luck and always know there is noting wrong with living in a small town.

  • Debbie - 5 years ago

    I think Chris is a total gem of a Gentleman- a lost asset in today's society. What a wonderful young man, and trust me when I say ANY lady will be lucky to have him by her side.
    He was totaly in love w/ Andi, all you had to do was look into those eyes and listen to his words, he was genuine!
    Chris, your aces in this old girls book! And Iowa to boot! I lived in Akron Ia
    And we will!!! see you on the next Bachelor

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