Is Attorney General Eric Holder race-baiting?


  • Ben - 9 years ago

    I think the the African American leaders of today are doing their best to negate the gains in rites that Dr. King gave his life for.

  • Linda - 9 years ago

    Eric Holder is a very intelligent man and an attorney by trade. IF he didn't want the comment to provoke an argument, he wouldn't have made it publicly, and it wouldn't have made national news, nor would CNN post this poll. He's no idiot!

  • Gene Ruff - 9 years ago

    To deny the truth in A. G. Holder's statement is to ignore the obvious!!! Get real!! Pres. Obama has not been give the chance to serve as President in the manner intended by our founders. Continuous opposition from the Republican Party has made it impossible! History will not be kind to the Republican Party for their conduct during the Obama Administration.

  • Jan - 9 years ago

    It always amazing me that President Obama is always referred to as our first black President, when in fact that is not true. He is our first bi racial president. He is as much WHITE as he is BLACK. This President is the first one that I know of that no matter what he does he can't win for losing. The Republicans have been against him since he first took office and are always voting against him no matter what it is. If only both sides could work together there could be a lot of wonderful things happening in our country. What a sad situation.

  • Adam - 9 years ago

    I dislike much of obama's politics, I resent the fact that holder chooses what laws to enforce and who he enforces them on. I am not saying I want to kick Obama out of office. I don't like the fact that he is inviting more illegal aliens into the country. I don't like the affordable care act. I don't like what has been allowed to happen with the IRS targeting Obama's political adversaries (no I am not a tea party member). I don't like the NSA spying. I don't like what has been going on in Iraq, again. I don't like a president ruling by executive order. Which part of any of those things make me racist. I don't like our wide open boarders. When you are in charge you are responsible for everything. I don't like Obama because he is not a very good leader, and is not upholding the laws of the land. I could not care any less about what color he is.

  • ANTHONY - 9 years ago

    No he is not race baiting. It is implausible to believe that any twice elected President can be wrong 100% of the time as the far right would have you believe. They feel comfortable with the outlandish because America is uncomfortable with the notion of latent racism. Your question was poorly phrased BTW. There is not absolute racism involved here but it does play a part. Why else would Obama get 100% of the blame for any problem NO credit for any of the gains that have taken place. As a for instance the stock market is at a record high under a socialist President?? Nuff said....

  • Kareno - 9 years ago

    The people know. This is an inept administration resorting to the Equivalent of then word by calling anyone who disagrees a racist. Disgusting. You either accept without questioning their policies or you are a racist. Really?

  • Racial Animus Is Evident - 9 years ago

    The resistance the President and Attorney General receive must be because of race. It's the people who defame their names without any sound criticism or premise, that are likely exhibiting racial animus.

  • olivia - 9 years ago

    It seems like african american people turn every comment into racism. Or being criticized into racial issues. Accept. It correct it. And move on. Racial differences will remain alive as long as the black people keep it alive.

  • James - 9 years ago

    The entire time President Obama has been in office has been a time of national freak out. It has elevated latent racism to everyday discourse. Attorney General Holder is only stating the obvious. History will show that.

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