Favourite Darren Shan Book Cover?


  • Hannah Coleman - 8 years ago

    The Thin Executioner's cover to me is one of my favorites. It leaves the mind to imagine what is under the blackness. This cover leaves room for the reader to decide what they want to interpret about it. Another reason is that since the cover is mainly black, it catches your eyes with the portions of color. So for me The Thin Executioner is the best cover.

  • Daniella - 8 years ago

    Birth of a Killer.....where it all began for one of the most loved characters Darren Shan has created. Where would we be without the wise and courageous Mr Larten Crepsley? We forget that once he was a child, just like all of us are, and this book cover is the perfect reminder of how far he has come and how much he has accomplished. Personally, the idea of Mr Crepsley being out there somewhere has helped me through a lot of tough times and reading works from Darren Shan always puts my mind at ease. The characters easily come to life.

    The cover is a perfect representation of just one of the many thrilling scenes Birth of a Killer holds. It's exactly how I pictured everything in my mind. Creepy and awesome at the same time. I particularly love how you can clearly read the emotions the characters are feeling and how their surroundings (the graveyard) is affecting them. The other book covers simply do not compare to this one! Praise for Mr Shan!

  • Laura - 8 years ago

    My favourite book of Darren Shan's has always been Allies of the Night, but my favourite cover will always be the second edition cover of Hunters of the Dusk. In fact, the whole second edition of that Saga was my favourite.

  • Tabby - 8 years ago

    Birth of a Killer is the only one I wouldn't be too scared to hold in my hands for fear of being mauled to death!lol

  • Diogo Marques - 8 years ago

    Wolf Island is really creepy but Birth Of a Killer is definitely my favourite one! :)

  • Jessie Thomas - 8 years ago

    I really love the Taiwanese covers for the Zom-B series. :)

  • Eleanor Stanhope - 8 years ago

    All are amazing. My personal favourite is the Hungarian cover of Lady of the Shades - very dark and surreal!

  • Julie Pike - 8 years ago

    A tough choice that. They are all spine tinglingly gruesome!

  • Cass - 8 years ago

    Much prefer 'The Thin Executioner'. Stylish but chilling...

  • Liam O Leary - 8 years ago

    Zom-B Baby will win by a long shot it looks the coolest and is the creepiest by far. Zom-B Angels would come second its stylish and looks great

  • Gian Bautista - 8 years ago



  • christa - 8 years ago

    The Thin Executioner has the best cover ever by far. It fits the story's ending perfectly. It gives the book a mysterious look. If you judge a book by it's cover, this one is a winner for sure.

  • Jessica Daviea - 8 years ago

    The Thin Executioner has the best cover, and it's by far one of my all-time favorite books! It's a close race, though. All the covers rock!

  • Joshua Traynere - 8 years ago

    Birth of a killer has a wonderful cover. Too bad the cover for Hell's Heroes is not on here.

  • Dirk Dresler - 8 years ago

    Really like the ZOM-B ANGELS taiwan book cover!
    It's so eye-catching and you get interested in what could the book be about. And after reading you understand WHAT is shown on the cover. I think it's a very smart idea and design.

  • Rory Treanor - 8 years ago

    I prefer the US cover of Wolf Island but I love the Birth Of A Killer cover, it's a scene directly from the story.

  • Adam Davey - 8 years ago

    I love the Taiwanese covers for the Zom-B books, they're so stylish and smart!

  • Sarah Taylor - 8 years ago

    Zom-B Baby is the best cover, it's creepy but brilliant

  • Brigida Laranjo - 8 years ago

    Zom-B Baby is obviously the creepiest one *---*

  • Ryan Smith - 8 years ago

    Zom-B Baby definitely the best cover, by far the creepiest!!!

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