Is Kim Kardashian considered white?


  • Sparger - 10 years ago

    What else would she be. Her mom is straight up white, per wikipedia French, Irish, Scottish and English. Her dad is from Armenia, straight up the Caucasus mountains. Did her dad's caucasian blood dilute all of her mothers European heritage and make her something else.

  • PrinceLeron - 10 years ago

    Naw, she is just considered not black. I think people are getting confused because she fits the white definition of beauty and white people acknowledged it. The funny thing is that Kim and her family stay making money even though no one ever claims them.

  • Local Sessions - 10 years ago

    I think she is considered white. Despite of the backlash she gets her family is still well loved by white people ( successful TV show, clothing line, tons of young white girls who look up to her). She gets a lot of hate that white women in interracial relationships get. Also Kanye has referred to her being white. However Armenia is tricky because it's one of those Eurasian countries where you could look Middle Eastern but can mark white on a census like Jewish people but not show up to a klan meeting white (ie be regular American white)

  • Shane Diesel - 10 years ago

    My fans wouldn't enjoy watching a cuckold scene with her in it. So no.

  • Beezle28 - 10 years ago

    She look white, but Sho nuff get treated like a nigga! White people don't fuck with her like that. Even Nicole Richie got more of a pass than her when she was doing that dumb shit with Paris Hilton, and her daddy was black!

  • kweli - 10 years ago

    If Cher and them niggas from System of a Down are white, she white, y'all!

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