Should networks tell announcers to stop saying Redskins on TV?
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  • Sue Johnson - 7 years ago

    Get real folks. The name REDSKIN refers to an organization, a professional football team, all other non professional sports teams, and all the REDSKIN fans around the globe, NOT TO ANY INDIVIDUAL!!!!! REDSKINS = FOOTBALL, nothing else. By not saying Washington REDSKINS, that would be like saying Dallas, New York, Atlanta, Kansas City, Cleveland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Baltimore, Arizona, Oakland, San Francisco, etc. Are you announcing football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer or what! REDSKINS is in NO way a racial slur, offensive or disparaging. In my 68 years of semi clean living I have NEVER, EVER called anyone a "redskin" unless I was asking someone if they were a REDSKIN fan or I was pledging my allegiance to the REDSKINS. I became a REDSKIN fan because of my Cherokee ancestry! They have been the REDSKINS since 1932. And you announcers have had no problem saying REDSKINS until now because a woman and 3 or 4 other folks feel it might be disparaging, offensive or a racial slur. READ the history. Pull up your big girls panties and grow up. I am female by the way. I certainly am not the least bit offended by the Oregon women's mascot, the BEAVERS, nor the South Carolina GAMECOCKS, or the USC TROJANS. It seems to me you announcers should be more upset about having to put BEAVERS, GAMECOCKS and TROJANS in your mouth. If I wanted to I could find something offensive or disparaging with EVERY team name in EVERY sport, but I choose not do so because they are sports teams and nothing else! While y'all are at it, why don't y'all just stop saying Chiefs, Braves, Seminoles, Indians, Warriors, etc. and any other mascot that refers to Native American Indians!!!!

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