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  • Shay - 2 years ago

    Where is Yoshi? This means nothing without Yoshi. And you were so close with Koopeleons without realizing the obvious connection. Yoshi is a koopa. Look at what is on his back. And he shares one very specific trait with Koopeleons that is unlikely to have evolved twice separately.

    Overall, I like your groupings, but I think it's backwards. I think Quadrupedal locomotion mostly came first and that Dragon Koopas—which I call Dracokoopa in my grouping—are more derived. A shell that fully formed, with a plastron, doesn't come out of nowhere. I think that dinosaurs, such as the Mario Galaxy Pupdozers, which already exhibited back scutes and spines, are an early relative with a common ancestor to—what I call—Koopasauria.

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