SPEAK UP: Do you favor having parking meters in Poughkeepsie? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Is more in-home healthcare needed in the Hudson Valley? 50 YES 8 NO

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  • Estrella Moll-Laws - 5 years ago

    If the idea was to demoralize an already struggling community,
    then leaders succeeded. These parking meters are really a
    government expansion to nowhere. It’s difficult to understand
    why there isn’t a more comprehensive effort between the local
    government and county to overcome Poughkeepsie’s inability
    to progress more. Such lackluster leadership reflects on all levels
    and not just the city’s. And, a $240 million dollar warehouse-of-a-
    jail, adding to taxpayers’ burden, isn’t the best answer, either.

  • Carol Rohde - 5 years ago

    Today's article proves what I recently wrote----that there is NO way we will reach 1.3 million this year or next. We are punishing the small business people who are trying to save their livelihood. Way to go Pougkkeepsie. PS. Going forward I will not vote for any candidate who favors these meters.

  • Annoyed - 5 years ago

    We shop frequently in New Paltz but stopped when they installed parking meters. But NP has so many lures: no chain stores, lots of antique, clothing, arts & crafts shops, restaurants. So we relented and returned. When Poughkeepsie can attest these lures maybe parking meters can be said to be warranted. But as it stands now all they're doing is punishing those that venture downtown and restricting their time spent. And groups have already moved away from reserving downtown restaurants because their members don't want to have to worry about ticking meters and the groups typically don't have funds for reimbursing members. An extremely ill-thought out plan.

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