Do you agree with the lady who wrote about not marching for Eric Garner


  • Blaqq Rob - 8 years ago

    There's an unfortunate trend happening right now, where bloggers/writers take whatever story is currently in the news and twist it to fit their pet issue. We saw the same thing with the Beyonce think pieces earlier this year. For me, I immediately check out when writers do this. This may not be fair to the writer/blogger, but I dismiss these type of articles as click bait and even if they may have some good points, they lose me. The lady who authored this article completely lost me as a reader and supporter. She presented a false dichotomy- I can march for Eric Gardner AND STILL fight for black women. Its not an either or proposition.

  • HC - 8 years ago

    I can't figure out why when black twitter talks about $200 dates it gets dismissed as twitter logic that doesn't live in reality, but when some loud trolls belittle womens' issues it becomes the official mindset of black males. It's not hard to find black men supporting black women in their struggles, online and in the real world. If she can't find any, she needs to make some new friends and widen her circle.

  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    The weirdest thing about this article/blog post is that she acts like police brutality only happens to black men and not black women. I have heard stories about police street harassing women of color before. In fact, the police thought that one of the women in my family was a prostitute. And I know that has happen to some other women of color. And if the police don't respect black women, then how are they going to help stop street harassment?

    Honestly, I feel like some people on the internet need to do some serious self healing and that includes activist.

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