Has TV Gone Too Far With "Black Jesus"?


  • We Win - 9 years ago

    One day EVERY knee WILL bow and EVERY tongue WILL confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Until then, true believers must pray and contend for the faith by speaking out against the tricks of the enemy. He is a sore loser and evidently can't accept the fact that he has already lost the battle. God will always come out on top regardless of what people say or do.

  • Ronnie Psyke Sconi Barnes - 9 years ago

    1st off the man you call Jesus real name is Yashua. 2nd off Our slave master gave us that white cracker you call Jesus. 3rd and foremost. Why can't you so called Black People remember we are the Muurs/Moors. We were in battle with the Christians & the turned us into slaves & titled us NIGGERS. Not one of you so call Christians are doing a damn thing about all the other EVILS of the world. They are turn men into fags & women into men with plastic penises. How dare you boycott a man who is telling the truth about how people do look at jesus or acknowledge his true works. The whole sitcom is about what all he (Yashua) has done & said. Now when have you brainwashed idiots attacking a brother who is trying to WAKE THE WORLD UP YOU GOT DAMN FOOLISH FOOLS! Yall dumb.

  • hazel lewis - 9 years ago

    I think this is a blatant disrespect to the gospel. I also see that it's a disrespect to African Americans; it seem to me that the only "image" of Jesus as a black person that any media is willing to portray is that of an ignorant fouled mouth "Jesus" that has the sense and habits of the everyday common "thug". This is an insult to Jesus as we as the African American Community!!!!! How dare they ... we should also boycott the actors who agreed to present this crap!!!!!

  • Terri - 9 years ago

    This has already been given too much attention. Simply don't watch the show and don't support the station.

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