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What percentage of the vote will Nan Rich recieve in the primary? (Poll Closed)


  • Mel Cattoggio - 9 years ago

    Selfish? Yes, that completely describes C Crist who is disrespectful to his former FL constituents. He was (R) governor for 1 term then left, now refusing to debate his opponent in the FLA Dem Primary.
    Seems to be a pattern of disrespecting others, He has zero chance of beating (R) tea bag Gov Incumbent FL gov Rick Scott & that is saying someting, esp since Scott is the most hated Gov in the USA. Crist is the one risking FL being stuck with Scott again, I suggest he be forced to debate (D) Nan Rich in a televised debate for all FL to see & decide who they want to run against Scott.
    Allison Tant is insubordinant & incompetent by not enforcing Crist debate Senator Rich & needs to step down or be fired & replaced. I will be voting for D senator Nan RIch because obviously, Crist, Tant & CO have no clue about the True Democratic process, whereas D Senator Nan Rich is the obvious example of True Democracy.

  • Pamela Kissinger - 9 years ago

    The only way to get a true Democratic Governor, is to vote for Nan Rich. A vote for charlie, is a vote for Skeletor. A leopard does not change its spots. He showed us his way....the most absentee governor, in Fl history.

  • Kathleen Jaskolski - 9 years ago

    Charlie Crist is too polarizing. Republicans hate him for changing parties and will come out to vote if for nothing else but to defeat Charlie. Democrats remember his Republican Governorship and the damage he did to education, supreme court justices and corporate give aways and will be disheartened and stay home. Nan Rich is a true Democrat that Democrats can get excited about. If the party wants to turn the vote out, run a Democrat not a worn out Republican who couldn't get the nomination of his own party

  • Milly Krause - 9 years ago

    Maybe your goal is to beat Rick Scott, my goal is to vote in a dedicated, honest and productive Governor. She is the only choice. Look at Crist's education legacy. Why would we want to repeat that when we have a candidate who is proven to work for education for the students, not the corporations. There has been no primary. That's what this is about. Why would a viable candidate like Nan Rich give up BEFORE the primary. Educate yourself on what a primary is all about. Now, Crist should show his courage and grant a debate with Nan Rich so the people can make an informed decision in the primary. Vote for Senator Nan Rich for Governor.

  • JOE KREPS - 9 years ago

    The way to achieve the goal of defeating Scott will happen if Nan Rich is our nominee.

  • barbara bauer - 9 years ago

    How selfish some people are---the goal is to beat Rick Scott but it's obvious that some have lost sight of the goal :-(

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