Should Stephen A Have Apologized?

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    I would like to have my last statement redacted from the podcast. I just watched the video where Stephen A. discussed Chad and Evelyn. Yeah, he believed that shit.

  • HC - 8 years ago

    First Take likes to present itself as the type of debate people have in barbershops. That's fine. Problem with that is that I've heard some of the dumbest statements known to man in barbershops; on sports, women, or life in general. In fact, a woman is damn near guaranteed to get harassed if she walks in or even by the door. Not exactly the environment I'm trying to put on tv in the mornings, but I might be in the minority on that. So Stephen A. said something that probably flies in his barbershop without any reaction. TV's different. Stupidity can't just flow out without an apology.

  • Spacely - 8 years ago

    10000 bonus points to the person who can successfully make the case that a woman is complicit in her assault, without any repercussion. The closest anyone can say is that NO ONE should be hit. You both have spoken effectively on all the problems with the argument, but if he really believes it, and if he still believes it, then he shouldn't apologize. I did hear sincerity in his voice though, even though I'm not completely sure that he apologized for specifically what people were upset about. That said, he shouldn't go any further, if he doesn't believe it, and let the chips fall where they may. Others will move on soon enough; it would have been a problem had he actually done the thing Ray Rice did - rather than just say something about it. Since I didn't personally need an apology, I can move on.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    I think I know where Stephen A. Smith was going but he didn't quite make it. He used the term "provoaction" and didn't explain that it. Huge mistake. When he didn't clarify the statement he left himself open the full range of criticism. Then he tried to defend what he meant instead of what he actually said. Mistake #2. I honestly believe that you would have asked Stephen A., on Thursday, is it every a woman's fault when a man puts hit her, he would have said no.

  • :%@>/ from friday - 8 years ago

    I don't agree with Adam Carolla.

  • :%@>/ from friday - 8 years ago

    He was saying that you should never hit someone of the opposite gender under any circumstances. And the word provoke came from the story that ray rice's wife hit him first. It was a poor choice of words not a defensive of him hitting his wife.

  • Adam Carolla - 8 years ago

    Folks nowadays are such pussies.

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