Mini-Series on Mobile Analytics?


  • Will Fraley - 9 years ago

    I'd love to see your thoughts on what is important to measure in mobile apps vs. mobile web along with considerations you might have for hybrid apps. Also, I'm interested in tips on how you recommend debugging analytics data at 1) the native app layer, 2) when the data is in transit (raw data between handset and analytics vendor web server - e.g., using transparent proxies), and 3) within the processing rules themselves. Also, any tips or ideas on test case automation in conjunction with one or more of the above measurement points, would be cool too. Recommendations, or just examples with pros/cons, for any tools to accomplish these items would be most welcomed. Great topic!

  • Jason Charles - 9 years ago

    Can you also speak to the future of analytics on mobile? I have seen a product that Signal uses which is essentially a tag manager for mobile and i want to know if Adibe is going down a simila path?

  • Mitchell Teixeira - 9 years ago

    Need we say, "hell yeah!" ? Can that be an option in the poll? :)

    Absolutely more discussion about mobile implementation vs. "standard" would be welcome! While the documentation exists, there's generally not enough discussion around the "whys", and I really hate doing things "just because" vs. doing them because I understand the reasons and have mastery.

    Thank you x3!

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