Have I screwed you?


  • Shannon - 3 years ago

    Chickens are coming home to roost for him on June 11th. Looks like the FBI finally got him.

  • Minerva - 3 years ago

    This guy was our fraternity live-in dad back in the early 2000’s. At that time he claimed to have been an Army Ranger in Operation Desert Storm, where he jumped out of a plane and his parachute didn’t open - breaking both his legs... he would have been 14 years old. He also creeped out numerous gals and would try to fight fraternity members for no reason. We finally kicked him out when he tried to scam us out of $750 for a fine he said he paid the police department to keep us out of trouble, yet could produce no receipt. The police station had no such record of an offense or a fine being levied. How this guy passed a government background check and went on to work for the DEA and INS is baffling. Share your best GC stories!

  • Brett - 5 years ago


    no shit, stay away from this creep. not only is he a stalker, he is a fraud and thief. i heard he is using aliases now because he can't get a regular job because of this site. when he worked with us, we fired him for credit card fraud. he used our company card to buy a ton of stuff and then left us with the bill. what a piece of shit.

  • kristi - 5 years ago

    Did you get my emails? I sent you 2. Would really love to talk to you, and I'm not Garrison.

  • VK - 5 years ago

    lololol!!!! Garrison just emailed asking us to take the site down. Karma sucks big boy!!!!

  • VK - 5 years ago

    you can always email me at chronos237@safe-mail.net

  • Kristi - 5 years ago

    How do I get in touch with one of you?

  • Phil - 5 years ago

    i think he is going by a new name... Garrison Pierson-Courtney

  • Phil - 5 years ago

    yeah, anyone know where he is? prison? last i heard he was defrauding Blue Canopy, Riverside Research, and some others.

  • George - 5 years ago

    Its 2017. Where is he now? If you update the site, it will make SO many people laugh....

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