Do you think baccalaureate graduation ceremonies should continue in public schools?


  • Christi Hill - 8 years ago

    If you don't agree with how the ceremonies are conducted....DON'T GO! No where does it say that students must attend. These ceremonies have been a 50 year tradition....50 YEARS. Please, protest by staying home and stop wasting the school boards time with this nonsense.

  • Theresa - 8 years ago

    What about the teachers rights to worship. I am completely sick and tired of these athiest being able to tell us when and where we will worship. If you dont like it DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS. There are hundreds of kids in this school who are believers in many different faiths and have been able to get along. Why should our teachers and staff have to deny there God because of this group. I pray, that is right pray, Mona Shores stands up to this and continues this tradition. Because the person who complained will not show up anyway so why change for them. Don't like our tradition find another school. Dont let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

  • Kathy Cross - 8 years ago

    Groups and "concerned citizens " need to mind their own business. I don' t interfere in your beliefs so you do the same. All I can say is "ignorant"!!!!

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