Which logo is your favorite?


  • Julie - 8 years ago

    WAY too difficult to decide! I finally chose number 2. Are those periods or commas between each word in your catch phrase? I feel like they are supposed to be commas, but they appear to be periods because the tail of the comma is so small. In any case, it appears that you need something after the last word. I know you wouldn't add a comma at the end, so . . . I would suggest either making each of them a period (and make a statement) or make the comma bigger somehow. Or how about just a divider of some sort between each word (a dot mid-height)? Just an idea. Love the topiaries!

  • Wendy - 8 years ago

    I liked 2,5,7,and 14. All just slightly different

  • Wendy - 8 years ago

    I liked 2,5,7,and 14. All just slightly different

  • Marian UK - 8 years ago

    Hi Tina. New to your blog. What dilemma. A case of over-thinking I think!! For what it's worth, I really feel that having two 'bars' is too much. Makes it too busy and detracts from the wording and lovely pictures. Less is more remember! I chose No 7 because it's simple, curvy, not sharp and just finishes the whole thing off beautifully. Well, that's my humble opinion and I hope it helps a little. Look forward to seeing what you finally choose! Have a lovely summer. UK is beautiful, sunny, warm - such a nice change!!

  • Michelle Kaploan - 8 years ago

    Love #1 but would like to try it with a navy dot, mid height, between each category. I can't type it

  • Kathy - 8 years ago

    The longer lines under the masthead really make the logo, POP & is very elegant.
    The 'scroll' on #13 and others is 'in the spirit' of a pineapple which, of course, symbolizes, 'hospitality', which your site is all about!
    Good luck & best wishes for a speedy recovery;-)

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