Do You Accept Ray Rices'Apology For Assault And Suspension Outcome ?

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  • Ms. Genuinely Concerned - 8 years ago

    I accept his apology, because he suffers with an undiagnosed mental illness. But that does not mean that he will not strike her again. And what is more frightening - is that the next blow he gives his wilfe could be deadly. He should be suspended from the NFL and seek psychiatric counseling (not affliated with the NFL) and not be allowed to return to the NFL until cleared by the physician. Most abusers remain abusers imprisioned or until treated. Let's not wait until her death - to take this offense seriously. I am truly ashamed by the actions of the NFL and the owners, managers and coaches of the Baltimore Ravens to allow him to be a role model. Here's a question for you - what if that was your daughter laying unconscious on the elevator/hotel lobby floor - and blatent evidence of the perpertrator dragging her across the floor - as if she were a garbage bag. Would your actions differ? Think about it!

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